What is the meaning of this life?

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“What is the meaning of this life?”
by Dolores M Miller

I pray that I live my last years with moments in sharing love and giving
I pray my life has made a difference and will continue to,
To my last day on this earth.
What is the meaning of your life?
Over the years I have gained more courage and wisdom.
I will do the things I can and have the wisdom to know the difference.
While I am here, I pray for my grandchildren to live in peace,
In a world where there are a lot of changes, some for the good and some that are not so good!
So I ask again, what is the meaning of life? What is the meaning of your life?
When I try to have an open heart, even when there are obstacles.
When I try to see past others’ pain and into their souls.
When I enjoy my precious moments in joy and love.
And age and wisdom and cancer taught me
The things I will not waste my precious time on.
Just to be happy
And not to think my
Way is the only way!
That is the meaning of my life! My eyes have opened up to a new meaning and renewed life!
How about you dear reader? What is the meaning of your life?
I pray it’s love and hope and joy and most of all
Not taking for granted any moments you have here!
Each one of us can make a difference in this crazy but beautiful world!
And like Tiny Tim
Says in A Christmas Carol,
God bless you, one and all!

Copyright 2021 by Dolores M Miller

Dolores is an author, poet, and breast cancer survivor. She is currently writing her book, You Are Not Alone: My Cancer Journey. Learn more about it and stay up to date on its release here: www.beautifulwarrior.com


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