What Cancer Taught Me – A Poetic Writing

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How we show up for our toughest
Challenges shows us who and what we are. I not only love myself but have admiration. I learned more of who I am and also who I don’t want to be. And that is I will not keep trying to fix others and let go of trying. It has brought me so much more peace. We only have so much time on this earth and I will not waste time being anyone but my authentic self. If we don’t see eye to eye that’s ok with me now. What matters to me is how I feel about myself. How we show up to face our toughest challenges teaches us WHO we really are! Even before cancer I learned to embrace challenges and also like the Beautiful Warrior I write about I will continue to ride my beautiful horse into the sunlight.
And there is something really
exciting about knowing I can learn more everyday! So in my 70th year
I pray I have many more, but what will ever happens I have more time now then I thought. So each new day is a bonus. Each new day I am full of gratitude. Each year I am free of cancer I will write what else I learned. This is 2021 and I’m three
years out.

Dolores M Miller 2021


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