Trilby Johnson

Energy Healer, Author, and Coach

Trilby Johnson is passionate about body-mind-soul dynamics and supporting individuals to acquire life skills that heal, alleviate distress and cultivate freedom. As a breakthrough healer and mentor, author and speaker, she facilitates an inner energetic shift of awareness for her clients that inspires and propels them into a greater reality in their lives, relationships, finances, health, mindset and soul connection.

She has a BSc Honours in Psychology and is certified in Reiki, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, DNA Activation, Meta-Coaching, Holistic Massage, Advanced Bodywork Healing Processes and Biochemic Therapy. She has lived on three continents, and today, home is in New Zealand from where she operates her global business.

She is the author of three transformational books. FEARLESSLY ALONE – Finding Your Happy No Matter What and A-HA MOMENTS – Inspirational Quotes to Shift Your Thinking are available now. Her third book, Voices of the 21st Century, will be available from September 10th, 2019.

Trilby is continuously expanding her own experience and knowledge and enjoys her interactions with clients, friends, loved ones and nature. She loves to travel, read and write.

What to expect from our interview:

  • What is entailed in facilitating the inner energetic shifts that Trilby helps her clients to achieve
  • How these shifts can facilitate healing for people and what some of the best ways to achieve these shifts are
  • The importance of being kind to ourselves and allowing ourselves to be wherever we are emotionally
  • The three elements of healing, how they are connected, and how we can explore them
  • Why it is important to have a healing mindset and how to shift our mindset in that direction
  • The emotional rollercoasters we experience in life and how we can break out of those cycles of negative emotions
  • What Biochemic Therapy is and the molecular relationship between our bodies and our emotions

Find out more about Trilby and her work by visiting her website here

And if you are interested in learning about and purchasing her books, you can do that here

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