Sarah McLean

Meditation Expert, Hay House Author, Cancer Survivor, and Director of the Meditation Teacher Academy

Sarah McLean is a meditation expert, Hay House author, cancer survivor, and the Director of the Meditation Teacher Academy. She remembers the first Earth Day, believes that peace on earth is possible, and is a lover of the mysterious and the unseen. She’s a contemporary meditation and mindfulness teacher dedicated to helping people wake up to the beauty and wonder of their lives through the power of meditation and mindfulness practices.

Her journey into contemplative life started in the early 90s at an ayurvedic healing community run by the Transcendental Meditation organization in New England where she lived, studied, and worked for two years. She then served as the program director for Deepak Chopra’s mind/body health center in California and studied with him, while being responsible for delivering education programs to the staff and guests. After eight years, Sarah took a six-month sabbatical to live and work in a traditional ashram in India. When she returned to the States, she lived as a Zen Buddhist lay monk in a remote monastery for two years.

Sarah later become the director of the School for the Work for Byron Katie, and, in 2006, she founded the McLean Meditation Institute. She is now the director of the Meditation Teacher Academy, which offers training for meditation and mindfulness teachers worldwide. She is also a master trainer for the MMI Mindfulness@Work program and the best-selling Hay House author of Soul-Centered: Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation and The Power of Attention: Awaken to Love and its Unlimited Potential with Meditation. Featured in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and the Guardian, Sarah is a sought-after inspirational speaker who shares with audiences globally how to meditate and live mindfully and create meaningful relationships, increase resilience at work, and enhance well-being. She is an avid animal rights and environmental advocate who recently moved to Santa Barbara and teaches at Montecito Meditation.

What to expect in our interview:

  • How meditation can impact our bodies on a physical level
  • Sarah’s own experience with cancer and how meditation, mindfulness, and visualization supported her on her journey
  • How much meditation one really needs to do
  • Tips for those who are brand new to meditation on how to incorporate it into their lives
  • A simple breath awareness meditation that is perfect for beginners

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