Samara Zelniker

Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness Expert and Coach

Samara Zelniker is a yoga, mindfulness, and meditation expert and health coach. With over a decade of experience teaching yoga, meditation and mindfulness, her focus lies in applying these age-old concepts to modern day life.

Through a curated and personalized program, Samara works with individuals and businesses, highlighting their innate talents and guiding them with ease to the practical application of their strengths. She incorporates both ancient Eastern wisdom and modern Western wisdom through mindfulness, neuroscience and emotional intelligence tools. In her approach, she targets the source of each matter, and works with people to strip away non-essential behaviours that get in the way of their greatness.

Samara is a native of Montreal, Canada and has an infectious curiosity about life. She can never be found too far from a beach, an inspiring conversation or her next adventure. Samara has been featured as a leadership expert in Forbes, Business Insider and on Focus TV.

What to expect in our interview:

  • Mindfulness and meditation and what happens neurologically in our brains when we practice these and, alternately, when we experience stress
  • The importance of turning inward and getting in touch with your intuition and how that can help to empower you in decision making
  • Discussion of the concept that what we focus on expands and how to identify and break out of negative loops of thinking
  • How we can change the functioning of our brains with our thoughts and how those thoughts affect our health and wellbeing

You can learn more about Samara and her work by visiting her website here

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