Ilene Dillon

Psychotherapist, Counsellor, and The Emotional Pro

Ilene Dillon is The Emotional Pro. For 50 years, Ilene researched in every way she could to discover where emotions come from, how to work with them, and whether they can, indeed, be tamed. Her book, Emotions in Motion: Mastering Life’s Built-in Navigation System, will be released October, 2019. Using nothing but emotions, ancient universal principles, and imagination, Ilene has helped individuals disengage themselves from negative perceptions, sell their specialty houseboat, and have their stolen laptop returned within 5 hours. Following the idea that our world is a Giant School, Ilene focuses on the learning brought to us by our experiences and their accompanying emotions. She can help you make your world a better and safer place!

What to expect from our interview:

  • What emotional mastery is and how you can start working towards it
  • Fear, in ourselves and others, that is ignited when we hear the word “cancer”
  • What we can do immediately and in the long term to reduce fear’s impact and remove it from our lives

Find out more about Ilene and her work by visiting her website here

And if you would like to order her books, you can do that here

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