Garima Gupta

Psychologist, Happiness Coach and Parenting Expert

Garima Gupta is a Psychologist educated in US and India. She is a happiness coach and parenting expert. She is an award-wining author of several books including The Body NirvanaFirst Teach Your Kid To (Succeed) Fail; and Birth of Sibling. She is now working on a parenting manual as well as a series of children’s picture books that teach emotional skills to little ones.

When Garima decided to return to India after 5 years in the US, she established her counselling practice there and has been helping clients for the past 12 years. Later, Garima decided to pen down the things she wished her clients knew. This has translated into several articles in major publications and online portals like Daily-O, GQ, Women’s Web, Wellness Universe etc. You can find a collection of her published articles on her website below.

Garima’s repertoire includes several holistic health techniques such as Mindfulness, EFT or Tapping Technique, Presence Oriented Psychotherapy, and Shadow-to-Gold Transformation. She is herself a regular practitioner of Yoga, meditation and the classical arts.

Garima is affiliated with many professional organisations in her field including Indian Psychiatric Society, NZ Association for Positive Psychology, and Integrative Medicine & Holistic Health Association. As a writer, she is a part of Non-Fiction Authors Association and World Writers Organisation.

What to expect from our interview:

  • The medicine of belief and how our emotions, thoughts, and desires affect our physiology
  • Emotional blocks, where they come from, and how we can start to release them
  • EFT tapping
  • The Vedic approach to life and how this approach to living and healing can be helpful when dealing with a cancer diagnosis

Find out more about Garima and her work by visiting her website here or contacting her through her Facebook page here

And if you are interested in purchasing her books, you can do that here

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