Dr. Francisco Contreras

Director, President and Chairman of the Oasis of Hope Hospital

Oasis of Hope was founded in 1963 and was the first alternative cancer treatment center in Mexico. It has treated over 100,000 patients from 60 nations over the last 56 years. It was the first center in Mexico to offer laetrile and it is fully staffed with oncologists, internists, radiologists, nutritionists, nurses and counselors. It is recognized as one of the top body, mind and spirit medical centers in the world.

A distinguished oncologist and surgeon, Dr. Contreras is renowned for integrating conventional and alternative cancer treatments with emotional healing and spiritual care to provide patients with the best possible treatment outcomes. In his career of more than thirty-six years, he has treated more than 25,000 cancer patients. After graduating from medical school at the Autonomous University of Mexico in Toluca, Dr. Contreras specialized in surgical oncology at the University of Vienna in Austria, where he graduated with honors.

Dr. Contreras has authored fifteen books concerning integrative therapy including 50 Critical Cancer Answers: Your Personalized Battle Plan for Beating Cancer; The Hope of Living Cancer Free; The Coming Cancer Cure; Beating Cancer; and Dismantling Cancer. For more information and to purchase 50 Critical Cancer Answers, please visit the links below.

What to expect in our interview:

  • Cancer as a metabolic disease and the targeted ways they treat it
  • How to regain your spirituality
  • How our mental and emotional health affect our physical wellbeing
  • The power of hope
  • The importance of community, helping others, and forgiveness

Find out more about Dr. Contreras and Oasis of Hope by visiting their website here 

And if you are interested in purchasing any of Dr. Contreras’ books, you can that here

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