Britt Julious

Editorial Director of Cancer Wellness Magazine, Writer, and Storyteller

Britt Julious is a writer of many genres, an editor, and a storyteller. She currently serves as the editorial director of Cancer Wellness magazine and writes a weekly music, nightlife, and culture column for the Chicago Tribune. As a freelance writer, Britt regularly contributes to publications including The New York Times, Vogue, Women’s Health, ELLE, Esquire, Vice, The Guardian, and Rolling Stone. Her essays have appeared in books like American Subcultures from Bedford/St. Martin’s, Rust Belt Chicago from BELT Publishing, and On Balance from TigerBee Press. Britt’s work focuses on the intersection of art, culture, race, feminism, and politics, and she is a firm believer in the underground, the avant-garde, and the underdog.

Britt also frequently serves as a moderator, panelist, and guest speaker for organizations, schools, and events throughout the country, including the Museum of Contemporary Art, Pitchfork Music Festival, Adidas Originals, Soho House, and the Chicago Humanities Festival. As an active participant in the storytelling and live-lit community, Britt has been asked to perform her monologues and essays at numerous shows and festivals, including Pop Up Magazine, the Printers Row Lit Fest, and various high schools and colleges. In 2019, Britt joined Northwestern University’s OTV (Open Television), a web platform for intersectional television. In her role at OTV, Britt serves as the artist manager for the Pop Culture Collaborative program, helping emerging artists refine their television show pitches and their personal brands for distribution with established broadcast and streaming networks.

Her writing, blogging, and other work has acquired press from outlets including The New York Times, CNN, H&M, Warby Parker, Rent the Runway and Shine Text. Britt has also received writing and creative residencies from different businesses and organizations such as Tiny Letter and the Ace Hotel, Helsinki Secret, Spark Camp, and Rail Europe. Chicago Reader named Britt the “Best Local Writer Who Excels at Social Media,” and BuzzFeed named her one of the “Best Role Models for Ambitious Twentysomethings.”

What to expect from our interview:

  • Self-expression through writing and the many benefits it offers
  • Other great forms of self-expression and how they support healing
  • Her favourite parts of working at Cancer Wellness and an overview of some of the resources they offer there to cancer patients and caregivers
  • Ways to support a cancer patient you may not have thought of before

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